Time varies according to a certain number of elements. How big is your dog, how long do you want to keep his behavior on the grooming table and how long has he been kept up. To give you a general idea: 20 kg or less = approx. 1:30 20-50 kg = approx. 2-2.5 hours 50 kg or more = approx. 3-3.5 hours. This is purely informative, as we do not know how to guarantee that the dogs will be finished within a certain period of time, unless your companion has already come to us, in this case we can be more exact.
Grooming prices vary depending on the breed of dog and what you want to do. Prices range from € 10 for Chihuahuas to € 139 for larger dogs. If you are a new customer, we will give you a 5 € discount on your first service so that you can try.
At Fais le beau, we prefer not to shave your dog if we can avoid it. However, in some cases, a dog's coat may be so tangled that his fur can no longer be brushed, leaving us with no choice but to shave the hair. The length of the mowing will depend on the space between the hairs and the surface of the skin. If the knots are very close to the skins, mowing may be extremely short. You must understand that excessive mowing can be a very painful and dangerous process for your pet. As we are only interested in the well-being of your four-legged friend, we will not attempt to exaggerate his dress. We will evaluate each case individually and discuss options with you. We NEVER shave a dog without consulting you first, so do not worry, there will be no surprises here.
Complete shampoo, complete drying, brushing, nail cutting, ear cleaning (dehaired if requested) Twenty minutes of detangling - if more time is needed to remove or brush the hair, an additional charge of $ 10 per 10 minutes will apply. We will call you and tell you if it is. Cleaned and trimmed legs Full face, ears, beard cut (if any) * Please note that there is no hair cut on the body for this service. If you even want "just a little" cut of the body, this is considered a complete grooming because there is so much work for the groomer to remove "just a little".
The simple answer is that dogs are not easy to groom. The grooming includes a bath, a blow-dry and a brushing. It also includes ear cleaning, ear waxing, hygiene cleaning, nail cutting. In general dogs are not fan. Does your hairdresser do all this? Plus and our job and keep your dog safe and make his experience as enjoyable as possible.
As soon as possible to get them used to the process. Play time and breaks are incorporated into your puppy's first grooming so that it is not overwhelmed by the process. Sometimes we will only recommend a bath and brush at the first visit, just to get them used to handling.
If you do not show up for your appointment or cancel at the last minute, not only do we waste time, but also income. That's why Dais le beau has a strict cancellation policy to protect our business and make sure it does not hurt our bottom line. Our cancellation conditions are as follows: We do not accept changes or cancellations of appointments by e-mail or social media. You must call the store at 04-67-21-32-25. Change an appointment the day before (until the store closes - voicemails after hours are considered a same-day cancellation) 100% of Expected Grooming Fee. Same-day cancellation 100% of Expected Grooming Fee will be applied No information (which means that no phone call or call after the appointment has been made) 100% of the costs of the planned grooming will be applied. So the first grooming you will pay 2 grooming (cancellation + the day). The second grooming (honored) we will refund 50% of your cancellation! The third grooming (honored) we will refund 25% of your cancellation.
We offer all the grooming for your pet. We also offer balneotherapy, a hydromassage treatment linked to bubbles and heat, bringing increased hygiene to the skin and coat, relaxing and relieving the muscles.
At Fais le beau, all our 4-legged grooming clients are cared for individually. Dogs are hand-dried on the grooming table and are never left unattended for the duration of their appointment.
To stay nice the grooming process must be short, so your dog will be less stressed. As we are a small space, we do not accept dogs all day long and we expect them to be taken care of as soon as possible after their appointment. Dogs that are not picked up within a reasonable time. Beyond an hour late, we charge babysitting fees 8 € / hour extra because our grooming space is limited and we have no place to keep dogs all day.
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